The “Revolutionary” GoateeSaver

This is one of the dumber inventions I’ve seen in a while. Their slogan? “Real men wear goatees.” In reality, what they should be telling you is that “Real men know how to shave their goatees.”

The only way I’d call this thing “revolutionary” is if it was invented between 1775 and 1783. I’ve been the proud owner of a goatee for over 10 years and if you can’t shave your own goatee without a stencil, then you have no business having one or handling sharp objects. It’s not tough. Really.

2 thoughts on “The “Revolutionary” GoateeSaver

  1. Josh

    Yeah, but your goatee is really uneven. I never had the heart to tell you. 😀 I couldn’t really watch the vids but from the brief shot I saw, it looked like a a gas mask (like in Batman) or something you’d put on Hannibal Lechter when transporting him.

  2. Michael Post author

    Well, I never had the heart to tell YOU but my uneven goatee is really only an optical illusion, generated by your eyes which are crooked! 🙂

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